Checklist: Performing Weekly Maintenance Checks

This topic describes the steps involved in performing weekly maintenance checks of the reliability, administration, security, and performance of a BizTalk Server system.

Steps Reference

Ensure that each host has an instance running on at least two physical BizTalk servers (reliability check).

High Availability for BizTalk Hosts

Ensure that each receive location is redundant (reliability check).

Scaling Out Receiving Hosts

Ensure that the SQL Server Agent service is running on the SQL server (administration check).

Ensure that all SQL Server jobs related to BizTalk Server are working properly (administration check).

Ensure that the SQL Server jobs responsible for backing up BizTalk Server databases are running normally (administration check).

Ensure that the latest security updates are installed (security check).

Microsoft Update site at

Analyze weekly performance monitoring logs against baseline and thresholds (performance check).

Ensure that the system is not experiencing frequent auto-growth of BizTalk Server databases (performance check).

Run SQL Server Profiler during high load to check for long response times and high resource usage (performance check).

"Using SQL Server Profiler" in the SQL Server 2005 Books Online at

Ensure that message batching for all adapters is appropriate for resource consumption or latency (performance check).

Ensure that the large message threshold is appropriate for resource consumption (performance check).