WebPartZone control

The WebPartZone control serves as the primary control in the Web Parts control set for hosting WebPart controls on a web page. In the Web Parts feature, a zone is a defined region on a web page that contains Web Parts controls. The primary functions of a zone are to lay out the controls it contains, and to provide a common user interface (UI) for those controls.

Every page to which you add a WebPartZone control must also have a WebPartManager control. For more information, see WebPartManager control.

  • Drag the WebPartZone control from the Toolbox panel to your page.

When you have added a WebPartZone to your page, you can add other ASP.NET controls to the WebPartZone to design the content and layout of that zone on your page.

For a full description of all WebPartZone control properties, see WebPartZone in the MSDN library.

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