Align or wrap content around a picture

You can set the alignment and wrapping style of a picture by using the Picture Properties dialog. You can also quickly set the wrapping style by using the Common or Formatting toolbar.

To set the alignment of a picture

  1. In your web page, click the picture you want to set.

  2. In either the Common or Formatting toolbar, click Align Left Cc295599.b810d95e-8f1f-46bd-86b6-31c1f3838237(en-us,Expression.40).gif or Align Right Cc295599.120d8060-ec7b-4a7e-8ffb-cc03a5a5f8d0(en-us,Expression.40).gif.

To set the alignment and wrapping style of a picture

  1. In your web page, do one of the following.

    • In Design view only, double-click the picture.

    • Click the picture you want to set, and then on the Format menu, click Properties.

    • Right-click the picture, and, in Design view, click Picture Properties, or in Code view click Tag Properties.

  2. In the Picture Properties dialog box, on the Appearance tab, do one or more of the following.

    • To specify how the picture floats in the page, under Wrapping Style, select an option.

    • To specify how you want the picture to be aligned on the page, under Layout, click the Alignment box, and select an option.

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