Positioning toolbar

You use the Positioning toolbar to set the dimensions of items and position items on a web page. You can position container items, such as division, layers, tables, and paragraph tags, which can contain other content, or you can position content, such as graphics. You can stack positioned elements in front of or behind other elements in a web page.

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Position Property button Cc295594.42acad47-3cf8-4cb2-b33e-a4b341499796(en-us,Expression.10).gif

Set the selected item's position property.

Setting a layer's position to a value other than absolute or relative prevents Microsoft Expression Web from treating that set of <div> tags as a layer.

Left, Top, Right, and Bottom boxes

Set the position of the item relative to the web page. Values that appear in parenthesis are implied and not defined; values that don't appear in parenthesis are defined.

Width and Height boxes

Set the dimensions of the item.

Z-Index box

Set the item's order on the z-axis.

Bring Forward button Cc295594.f2a2a0a7-5550-41be-b0ec-5b5d4563f16d(en-us,Expression.10).bmp

Move the item forward in the z-axis order by increasing its Z-Index value by one.

Send Backward button Cc295594.34e637a4-c4bd-4d17-b47d-5bb72c091ad8(en-us,Expression.10).bmp

Move the item backward in the z-axis order by decreasing its Z-Index value by one.

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