Set spelling options

Microsoft Expression Web provides several options that affect the results provided by the spelling checker, including options to mark spelling errors in Design view and check spelling as you type.

To set spelling options

  1. Do one of the following:

    • On the Tools menu, point to Spelling, and click Spelling Options.

    • On the Tools menu, click Page Editor Options. In the Page Editor Options dialog box, on the General tab, under Spelling, click Spelling Options.

  2. In the Spelling Options dialog box, select or clear the following options to affect the results of the spelling checker in Expression Web:

    • Ignore words in UPPERCASE   Ignores words in uppercase letters during a spelling check.

    • Ignore words that contain numbers   Ignores words that contain numbers during a spelling check.

    • Ignore Internet and file addresses   Ignores Internet addresses, file names, and electronic mail names and addresses during a spelling check.

    • Flag repeated words   Checks for two or more occurrences of a word in a row, such as "for for."

    • German: Use post-reform rules   Checks spelling of German text using the post-reform spelling rules.

    • Enforce accented uppercase in French   Alerts you to French words that contain uppercase letters that are missing an accent mark.

    • Suggest from main dictionary only   Suggests correct spelling from the main dictionary but not from any open custom dictionaries. Clear this option if you want Word to suggest correct spellings from all open custom dictionaries and the main dictionary.

    • Custom Dictionaries   Click to open the Custom Dictionaries dialog box. Use this dialog box to create, change, and remove custom dictionaries.

    • French modes   Choose French spelling mode: Traditional and new spellings, Traditional spelling, or New spelling.

    • Check spelling as you type   Checks spelling and marks errors automatically as you type.

    • Hide spelling errors   Hides the wavy red lines under possible spelling errors in your document.

  3. Click OK.

To set the language that is used when using the spelling checker

  1. On the Tools menu, click Page Editor Options.

  2. In the Page Editor Options dialog box, on the General tab, under Spelling, in the Default Page Language box, click the arrow and select a language.

  3. Click OK.

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