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IntelliSense for jQuery

Microsoft Expression Web IntelliSense has been extended to speed up jQuery development. IntelliSense support includes jQuery selectors, actions, and chaining.

For more information, see Using IntelliSense with jQuery

Snapshot interactive

The Snapshot preview includes interactive modes for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

For more information, see Snapshot Panel.

Snippets panel

Expression Web snippets are easier to use than ever with the new Snippets panel. Now you can create, manage, and organize snippets visually.

For more information, see Snippets panel.


Expression Web lets you save custom workspace configurations.

For more information, see Saving different views of your workspace.

Custom toolbars

Create your own toolbars and arrange commands and icons to better suit your workflow.

For more information, see Custom toolbars.

Universal comment/uncomment

Expression Web lets you easily add comments to a block of code and automatically selects the right type of comment markers for the language you're using.

For more information, see the Comment and uncomment.

Folder List thumbnails

See a preview of an image and view file information in the Folder List panel.

For more information, see Folder List panel.

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