Create a thumbnail picture

You can use Microsoft Expression Web to quickly create a smaller thumbnail-sized version of a picture. The Auto Thumbnail button in the Pictures toolbar instantly generates a smaller version of your selected picture and adds a hyperlink to the original full-size picture.

The size of the thumbnail picture is determined by the AutoThumbnail settings in the Page Editor Options dialog box.

To create a thumbnail of a picture

  1. In your web page, click the picture.


    To create a thumbnail, the picture that you select must be wider than the width specified in the AutoThumbnail settings in the Page Editor Options dialog box.

  2. On the Pictures toolbar, click the Auto Thumbnail button Cc295548.14783332-393a-4949-92ef-0aebf6534d71(en-us,Expression.10).gif.

  3. To save the thumbnail picture, on the File menu, click Save to save the page.

  4. In the Save Embedded Files dialog box, set the options you want and then click OK. For more information, see Save an embedded picture.

To set the default properties for thumbnails

  1. On the Tools menu, click Page Editor Options.

  2. In the Page Editor Options dialog box, on the AutoThumbnail tab, do one or more of the following:

    • To specify the size, in the Set box, click the option you want, and then in the Pixels box, type or select the value in pixels.

    • To add a border or not, select or clear Border thickness. To specify the border size, in the Pixels box, enter the value in pixels.

    • To bevel the edges of the graphic, select Beveled edge. If you have also specified a border thickness, the thumbnail will have a beveled edge inside of a border.

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