ASP.NET navigation controls overview

The topics in this section describe how to work with ASP.NET controls used to create menus and other navigation aids on ASP.NET web pages.

Menu control

The Menu control enables you to add navigational functionality to your web pages. The Menu control supports a main menu and submenus, and allows you to define dynamic menus (sometimes called "fly-out" menus). For information about programming the Menu control, see Menu Class in the MSDN library.

SiteMapPath control

The SiteMapPath control displays a navigation path (which is also known as a breadcrumb or eyebrow) that shows the user the current page location and displays links as a path back to the home page. The control provides many options for customizing the appearance of the links. For information about programming the SiteMapPath control, see SiteMapPath in the MSDN library.

TreeView control

The TreeView control is used to display hierarchical data, such as a table of contents or file directory, in a tree structure. For information about programming the TreeView control, see TreeView in the MSDN library.

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