Cascading style sheet reports overview

You can generate four types of reports about the cascading style sheets (CSS) that are in your website: Style Sheet Links reports, Compatibility Reports, CSS Errors reports, and CSS Usage reports. Style Sheet Links is a site report that you can generate by using the Reports view of the Web Site window. For more information, see Site reports overview. Compatibility Reports enable you to check your CSS for compatibility with the CSS schema that you specify. For more information, see Generate a compatibility report. The CSS Errors and CSS Usage reports appear in the CSS Reports task pane. By using these reports, you can quickly locate files and source code pertaining to the CSS throughout one or more web pages in a site or in the entire site.

CSS Errors displays a list of:

  • Class, ID, and element selectors that are defined in a CSS and not used in your web pages.

  • Class selectors that are referenced in a web page and aren't defined in a CSS.

  • Class and ID selectors that are defined with a case that is different than the case of a reference to that style.

CSS Usage displays a list of class, ID, and element selectors that are being used, the pages that are using those styles, and the location of the style definition.