DeclarativeCatalogPart control

The DeclarativeCatalogPart control provides a way for developers to add a set of server controls declaratively to a catalog on a web page. A catalog, in the Web Parts control set, is simply a list of Web Part or other server controls that is visible when a page is in catalog display mode. A user can select controls from the list and add them to the web page, which effectively gives users the ability to change the set of controls and the functionality on a page.

The DeclarativeCatalogPart control, like all other CatalogPart controls, resides in an DeclarativeCatalogPart zone.

To add an DeclarativeCatalogPart control to a page

  • Drag the DeclarativeCatalogPart control from the Toolbox task pane to an CatalogZone control on the page.

For an overview of and programming examples for the DeclarativeCatalogPart control, see DeclarativeCatalogPart in the MSDN library.

For a full description of all DeclarativeCatalogPart control properties, see DeclarativeCatalogPart in the MSDN library.

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