Adjusting your workspace

The Microsoft Expression Web workspace gives you the tools you need to edit web pages and sites. The workspace is customizable, so you can change the way it looks to match your working style.

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To reset the workspace to the default, on the Panels menu, click Reset Workspace Layout.

Here's what the workspace looks like when you first install Expression Web:



The menus and toolbars let you perform tasks such saving files and sites, generating reports, and changing how you view a page.

For more information, see Menus and toolbars.


Panels let you perform common tasks, such as managing files in a site, adding tags to a page, and managing styles.

For more information, see Panels.


The editing window lets you visually edit pages or directly edit page markup.

For more information, see The editing window.


The status bar shows you important information about sites and pages.

For more information, see Status bar.

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