Form controls

You use different form controls to gather different types of information. For instance, to get site visitor contact information or comments, you might use text boxes or text areas. To get ordering, shipping, and billing information, you might use these plus drop-down boxes, option buttons, push buttons, and other controls.

Advanced button

A button that is more customizable than Input (Button).

Drop-down box

A drop-down menu of choices.

Group box

A box that groups related form controls.

Input (Button)

A push button.

Input (Checkbox)

An on/off switch

Input (File)

A box for users to select a file to submit with the form.

Input (Hidden)

A control that users can't see but which submits information with the form.


The information in a hidden control is visible when users view the source of the web page.

Input (Image)

A submit button that appears as an image.

Input (Password)

A single line box for users to enter a password. The password is hidden, often with asterisks.

Input (Radio)

An on/off radio button. When you group multiple radio buttons, they become mutually exclusive.

Input (Reset)

A button which resets the form.

Input (Submit)

A button which submits the form.

Input (Text)

A single line box for users to enter text.


A label to describe another form control.

Text Area

A large box for users to enter text; you can specify the height and width of a text area.

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