Remote website view

You use the Remote Web Site view to publish files to your Microsoft Expression Web site. There are several scenarios for publishing. For more information, see Publishing websites overview. In the Remote Web Site view, you can see the contents of the folders in your website on both the local (source) and remote (destination) websites.

Remote Web Site view

  1. Click View to select the type of files to display.

  2. Click Optimize Published HTML to optimize HTML. For more information, see Optimize the source code of a website.

  3. Local Web site is the source website that you open, a site either on your computer or on a remote web server.

  4. Remote Web site is the destination website that you publish to, a site either on your computer or on a remote web server.

  5. Status shows the date of the last time you published your site.

  6. Click View your Remote Web Site to view the remote website. Click Open your Remote Web Site to open the remote website for editing.

  7. Select the publishing option and then click Publish Web Site to publish your site.

To open Remote Web Site view

  • Do one of the following:

    • On the Site menu, click Remote Web Site.

    • With your site open, on the Web Site tab, at the bottom of the window click Remote Web Site.

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