New Style and Modify Style dialog boxes

The New Style and Modify Style dialog boxes enable you to design a new or existing style and preview the style's appearance as you design it. You can create and modify any type of style, including class-based, ID-based, element-based, or in-line styles, and styles that have a complex selector. The New Style dialog box also enables you to apply the style to the current selection in the page and add the style to an existing or new external cascading style sheet (CSS), or an internal CSS in the current page.

To open either the New Style or Modify Style dialog box, use the Apply Styles, Manage Styles, or CSS Properties task pane. You also open the New Style dialog box by using the Format menu or the Style toolbar. For more information, see Create a style and Modify a style.

The New Style and Modify Style dialog boxes provide the same categories and properties. The properties that appear to the right of the Category box, reflect the selected category.


If a CSS property is not supported by the CSS schema that is selected in the Authoring tab of the Page Editor Options dialog box, the list of values for that property appears blank in the New Style and Modify Style dialog boxes and the property is not listed in the CSS Properties task pane. For more information, see Set IntelliSense options for CSS.

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