Apply a font to text

You can apply a particular font or a set of fonts (font family) to text in a web page. If a site visitor's system has the font that you specify, the browser will display your text in the specified font. If the site visitor doesn't have the font that you specify, their browser displays the text according to their browser preferences. If you apply a set of fonts to text, the browser uses the first listed font that is on the site visitor's system.


To set the default font and other properties for all text in a page, create a style that uses BODY for its selector, and then set the font-based CSS properties you want for that style. For more information, see Create a style.

To apply a font to text

  1. In your web page, in Design view or Code view, select the text you want to format.

  2. On the Format menu, click Font. In the Font dialog box, under Font, select a font. Under Font style, select an option, and click OK.

To apply a font set or a single font to text

  • Do one of the following:

    • In the Common or Formatting toolbar, in the Font box, click the arrow and select a font family set or a single font.

    • In the CSS Properties task pane, under CSS Properties, click the box to the right of the font-family box, and specify a font family set or a single font.

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