Inline frames

Inline frames are similar to frames pages except that the inline frame and its contents are embedded on an existing web page. Anything that you can put on a regular page you can put in an inline frame. You can customize inline frames in the same ways as regular frames and also enable scroll bars. One advantage of using inline frames instead of frames is that you don't need to create a separate frames page in order to have embedded content.

You can use inline frames in a variety of ways:

  • To insert a contract for your site visitor to fill out

  • To give examples of what other web pages look like

  • As a container for a form

  • As a scrolling box with products and prices

To add an inline frame to a page

  1. In Design view, on the Insert menu, point to HTML, and then click Inline Frame.

  2. Set the initial page of the inline frame:

    • To select a page that is already created, in the frame, click Set Initial Page, and then select the page you want to show.

    • To create a new page and set it as the initial page to show in that frame, in the frame, click New Page. Microsoft Expression Web creates a new page in the frame, and sets the new page as the initial page.

To set the properties for an inline frame

  1. In Design view, select the inline frame you want to work with by moving the pointer to the top border of the inline frame until it changes to a left-pointing arrow, right-click, and then click Inline Frame Properties.

  2. In the Inline Frame Properties dialog box, do the following:

    Use this

    To do this


    Type the name of your inline frame.

    Initial page

    Set or change the initial page of your inline frame.


    Type the title of the inline frame.

    Frame size

    Set the Width or Height of the frame in pixels or percentages.


    Set the Width or Height of the margins of the frame in pixels.


    Select the position for the inline frame on the page.

    Show border

    Select this check box if you want a border drawn around the inline frame.


    Set your preferences for displaying scrollbars.

    Alternate text

    Type the text that you want the browser to show in the event that the browser does not support frames.

    The inline frame appears on the page.