Change the panel type of an existing panel

This page applies to WPF and Silverlight 2

By default, a grid panel is used as the top-level layout container (LayoutRoot) within either a user control, window, or page document in a Windows Presentation Foundation project, and a canvas panel is used as the top-level layout container a Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 project. In almost all cases, this should be sufficient for top-level page layout.


Only the canvas layout panel is available in Silverlight 1.0 projects.

  • Right-click the layout panel that you want to change, point to Change Layout Type, and then click the new type for the panel.


In some cases, switching the panel type will cause the child elements of the panel to be rearranged according to the new attributes they inherit. For example, changing the layout type from a container that accepts multiple child elements, such as a grid panel, to a container that accepts only a single child element, such as a ScrollViewer, will lead to an extra container getting added inside the ScrollViewer.

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