Compatibility panel

The Compatibility panel can check one or more pages and CSS files, or all pages and CSS files in a site, for code errors and code that's incompatible with the doctype and CSS schema you specify. You can use the results in the panel to view information about each issue and to go to the line of code that contains the issue. You can also copy one or more of the results or generate a web page of the entire report. For more information, see Generate a compatibility report.

When you generate a report, the Compatibility panel contains the following columns:

  • Status   Shows an icon that represents the type of file that contains the issue and the status of the file.

  • Page   Lists the web page that contains an issue and the location of the page.

  • Line   Lists the number of the line in Code view that contains the issue.

  • Issue Type   Lists the type of issue, either Incompatibility or Code Error. The results in this column can be driven by the DocType declaration in each page or the schema that you select when you run the report.

  • Schema   Identifies the document type or level of CSS that the code is incompatible with.

  • Problem Summary   Describes the code error or the reason the code is incompatible with the schema. The content of this column also appears in a ScreenTip when you point at a row in the panel or when you point at the source of the problem in Code view.

  • To open the Compatibility Checker dialog box, click Run Compatibility Checker Cc295334.46327336-4b09-413d-bc3d-a4ffcf1f1938(en-us,Expression.30).png.

  • To open the web page that contains the next or previous result in the list and highlight the issue, click Next Result Cc295334.b146ed86-14e2-474a-860f-8444e1e9ad8b(en-us,Expression.30).png or Previous Result Cc295334.d454c864-e476-4239-9b62-50743f96f015(en-us,Expression.30).png. To go to the next issue in an open page, press F9.

  • Click Refresh Changed Results Cc295334.dd667c7b-29ba-4a83-8bfc-44c3006f14b1(en-us,Expression.30).png to recheck pages that were checked and have changed.

  • Click Generate HTML Report Cc295334.62c1dc8d-3d80-41f9-9af9-fa8c1fd2edcb(en-us,Expression.30).png to produce a web page that displays the compatibility results. You can print the web page or display it in a browser and then use the list to check off each issue that you resolve.

  • To sort the list of results, click the name of the column you want to sort by. To reverse a sorted list, click the name of the column again. To restrict the results to those that fit the criteria you select, click the down arrow Cc295334.902b6cbf-85c4-4847-9f11-103ef86cd882(en-us,Expression.30).png that appears in the heading of a column and select a criterion to filter the results.


    When the results of the report are filtered, the down arrow Cc295334.902b6cbf-85c4-4847-9f11-103ef86cd882(en-us,Expression.30).png of the filtering column appears blue Cc295334.8927244e-e2c4-4254-9ca2-378ac5cbd01b(en-us,Expression.30).png instead of black.

  • When you right-click a row, a shortcut menu provides the following additional options:

    • Go to Page   Opens the web page that contains the result and highlights the issue.

    • Compatibility Reports   Opens the Compatibility Checker dialog box.

    • Select Resulting Files in Folder List   Locates the selected pages in the Folder List panel.

    • Clear Results   Clears the results list.

    • Refresh Changed Results   Rechecks pages that you originally specified and that have changed.

    • Copy Results   Copies the selected results of the report as a table.

    • Remove Filters   Deselects all filter criteria and sets every column's Filter menu to All.

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