Change site reports settings

You can change site reports settings to determine what Microsoft Expression Web considers "recent", "older", and "slow" pages. These settings are used when you open site reports such as Recently Added Files and Slow Pages.

To change report settings

  1. With your site open, on the Tools menu, click Application Options.

  2. In the Application Options dialog box, on the Reports View tab, do the following:

    Use this To do this

    "Recent" files are less than

    Type or select the number of days to define recent files.

    "Older" files are more than

    Type or select the number of days to define older files.

    "Slow pages" take at least

    Type or select the number of seconds that define a slow page at the assumed connection speed.

    Assume connection speed of

    Select the connection speed of your target audience.

    Display gridlines when viewing reports

    Select to display gridlines in your reports.

    Number of months

    Type or select the number of months to track usage.

    Include chart when usage report is saved

    Select to display a chart for your usage report.

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