Crop a picture

You can crop a picture directly in Microsoft Expression Web. After you crop a picture, you aren't prompted to save the edited picture until you save the page. At that time, the Save Embedded Files dialog box lets you choose to either overwrite the original file or save the edited picture to a new file.

To crop a picture

  1. In your web page, click the picture.

  2. On the Pictures toolbar, click Crop Cc295323.07b43bdf-af13-4140-8675-ec12560654f0(en-us,Expression.40).bmp.

  3. Drag the handles of the cropping box to resize and include the part of the picture that you want to keep.

  4. Do one of the following.

    • Click Crop Cc295323.07b43bdf-af13-4140-8675-ec12560654f0(en-us,Expression.40).bmp.

    • Double-click a handle Cc295323.51e07df4-5b7e-4c9f-8607-0a17205adafd(en-us,Expression.40).gif on the picture.

    • Press ENTER.

  5. To save the edited picture, on the File menu, click Save to save the page.

  6. In the Save Embedded Files dialog box, set the options you want and then click OK. For more information, see Save an embedded picture.

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