Site View

In Microsoft Expression Web, you can look at the content in your site in four different Site View displays to help you design, publish, and manage it. When you have a site open, the Site View tab is displayed at the top of the editing window and the four view tabs are displayed at the bottom of the editing window.

  • Folders   A list of the folders and pages in your site. You can use this list to navigate through your site to find files and folders. This is the default view.

  • Publishing   A list of the contents of the folders in your site in both source and destination sites. For more information, see Publishing view.

  • Reports   A quick overview of the statistics available about your site plus links to more detailed reports. For more information, see Generating site reports.

  • Hyperlinks   A diagram of all files that link to a selected file or that are linked from a selected file. For more information, see Hyperlinks website view.

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