Change the layout of a Data view

When you create a Data View in Microsoft Expression Web, by default the data is displayed in a basic table layout. You can change the layout of a Data View quickly and easily by using a built-in Data View layout. If you select a layout that displays fewer fields than your original Data View, those fields are removed from your Data View. For example, if you create a Data View that displays four fields, and then you apply a layout that displays only one field, the other three fields are removed from your Data View.


When you change the layout, any formatting you have applied to the text displayed in the Data View is removed.

The basic table layout shows a column for each field and a row for each item in the Data View. By selecting the Repeating form (centered) style, you can change the entire layout of your Data View.

Data View layouts

  1. Basic table layout

  2. Repeating form (centered) layout

To change the layout of a Data View

  1. In Design view, right-click the Data View, and then click Show Common Control Tasks.


    You can also click the Data View in Design view, click the arrow Cc295297.fa82fc93-da47-44dc-bf71-77ddd4b69c38(en-us,Expression.10).gif in the upper-right corner to show the Common Data View Tasks list, and then click Change layout. Click the arrow again to hide the list.

  2. In the Data View Properties dialog box, under HTML view styles on the Layout tab, select the style that you want.


    Click a style to read a brief description of it.

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