Convert text to a path

When you change text to a path in Microsoft Expression Blend, the whole block of text becomes a single path that has vector points that define the shape of each character from the original text. After you convert text to a path, you can then release the resulting single path to multiple paths, with one path per character of text, plus one path per enclosed loop in a character (such as in an "o").

Caution noteWarning

You can convert text to a path only if the text is contained in a TextBlock or RichTextBox.

To convert text to a path

  1. Select the TextBlock or RichTextBox object that contains the text that you want to change to a path.

  2. Click the Object menu, point to Path, and then click Convert to Path.

  3. To separate the resulting path into multiple paths, one path for each character in the text, click the Object menu, point to Path, and then click Release Compound Path.

  4. To recombine any paths, such as those that make up a character with enclosed loops, select the paths (hold the CTRL key to select multiple items), and then click Create Compound Path under Path in the Object menu.

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