IntelliSense can help you to reduce errors in writing code and increase your productivity. In Microsoft Expression Web, you can use IntelliSense with HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL), JScript, JavaScript, Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), ASP.NET, and PHP: Hypertext Processor (PHP).

IntelliSense is Code view functionality that can automatically insert code and enables you to follow code hyperlinks. IntelliSense can also display context-sensitive ScreenTips or shortcut menus that enable you to look up and insert code that's valid for the current point in your code. For example, if you type a CSS selector and then a left curly brace ({), IntelliSense displays an alphabetical shortcut menu of all available properties. After you select a property from the menu or type the property, IntelliSense can display a different shortcut menu that contains values that are appropriate for the property you selected.

IntelliSense provides:

  • Auto-insertion of end tags, end braces, and value quotes.

  • Context-sensitive shortcut menus that list and can insert code that is compatible at the current point in the code.

  • Context-sensitive ScreenTips that list variables, functions, or parameters that are compatible at the current point in the code.

  • Code hyperlinks, which enable you to click hyperlinks or references to classes, external CSS files, and script functions to open or go to the source of these items.

The DocType declaration in a page determines the options that appear in the IntelliSense shortcut menus in the Code view of a page. For more information, see Set document type information. In addition, the option you set for the CSS Schema in the Page Editor Options dialog box determines the level of CSS that appears in IntelliSense shortcut menus. For more information, see Set IntelliSense options for CSS.

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