Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Expression Blend consist of shortcut keys and access keys. Keyboard shortcuts can speed up your work, and they make it easy for you to use the keyboard instead of a mouse.

  • Shortcut key   Allows you to select a button or menu command by pressing a key sequence or key combination. For example, to create a new project in Expression Blend, you can press CTRL+SHIFT+N. Keyboard shortcuts are easy to identify in the user interface of Expression Blend—they are displayed to the right of menu commands. For example, on the File menu, the Open Project menu command includes the shortcut key combination CTRL+SHIFT+O.

    To identify the keyboard shortcut for a toolbar button, view the ScreenTip for the button.

  • Access key   Allows you to access a command by pressing a specific key on the keyboard. Access keys appear on the menu by displaying the underscore character under the shortcut letter. For example, the shortcut letter for the File menu is F.

    To use access keys, first press ALT or F10 to highlight the specific menu or dialog box, press the corresponding letter of the specific menu or dialog box, and then press the TAB key to navigate through the menu or dialog box. Alternatively, you can use the arrow keys to navigate through menus, or you can press the specific access key for the menu or command that you want to access.

For more information about accessibility and features, visit Accessibility at Microsoft.

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