LinkButton control

The LinkButton control renders as a hyperlink in the page. However, it contains client-side script that causes the form to be posted back to the server. (You can create a true hyperlink by using the Hyperlink control.)

To add a LinkButton control to a page

  1. Drag the LinkButton control from the Toolbox task pane to your page.

  2. Set properties for the control in the Tag Properties task pane.

Common LinkButton Properties




The text, styled as a hyperlink, that the user sees.


By default, when a user clicks a LinkButton, the form is posted back to the server where the server code written for the page runs. You can change the PostbackURL property to have the form post to another URL, though.


The text that is displayed when the mouse pointer is over the control.

For a full description of all LinkButton control properties, see LinkButton Properties in the MSDN library.

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