Test or run a project

You can verify whether your Microsoft Expression Blend project is working correctly by running it using the Run Project command.

To test or run a project

  1. With a project open in Expression Blend, click Run Project on the Project menu, or press F5.

  2. On the Output tab of the Results panel, review the build output to see if the build succeeded. If the build did not succeed, the Errors tab of the Results panel will list the errors that occurred. You have to repair the errors before you can successfully run the project. If the build succeeded, your project will automatically open in an application or browser window.


If the project is a control library, the Run Project option is disabled. You can test only application projects. To test a control library project, add it to an application.

For more information, see Add a new or existing project to a solution and Draw a user control in another document.

To test or run a Silverlight application out of browser

  1. On the Project menu, point to Silverlight Project Options, and then click Enable Application Outside of Browser.


    Enable Application Outside of Browser and Use Application Library Caching can't be used at the same time because application library caching uses the Internet cache of the browser. (Application library caching can speed up your application.)

  2. On the Project menu, click Run Project (or press F5).

  3. In the dialog box that appears, click Yes to run the application in the browser so that you can install it. After you install the application, you will not see this dialog box again at any other times that you run your application.

  4. In the browser, right-click your application, and then click Install [project name] onto this computer.

  5. In the Install application dialog box, select the shortcuts that you want, and then click OK.

  6. Close the browser, and then, in Expression Blend, run your project again.

    The application opens in a non-browser window.

    tip noteTip

    To uninstall the application and remove the shortcuts, run the application, right-click the application window, and then click Remove this application.

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