Format a layout table

Expression Studio 2.0

You can adjust width and height settings, set the alignment, and apply color and special borders to your layout tables.

To resize a layout table or cell

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Click the border of the layout table.

    • On the Tables toolbar, click the Show Layout Tool button Cc295238.13557dd5-36fc-49c0-aa0e-c2268d1c8267(en-us,Expression.10).gif.

  2. Drag the border to resize it.


    To resize in small increments, press and hold ALT, and then drag the border to resize it.

To set properties for a layout table

  1. Click the border of the layout table for which you want to set properties.

  2. In the Layout Tables task pane, under Table properties, select the properties that you want. For more information, see Layout Tables task pane.

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