Dynamic web template toolbar

The Dynamic Web Template toolbar provides a quick way for you to navigate in a Dynamic Web Template. For example, you can use the toolbar to go to an editable region in your Dynamic Web Template. You can also manage editable regions by using the Dynamic Web Template toolbar.

Use this

To do this

Regions box

Go to a region.

Manage Editable Regions button Cc295212.825d6bdd-c427-4058-991d-645c7570533c(en-us,Expression.10).bmp

Open the Editable Regions dialog box.

Update Attached Pages button Cc295212.6af242fc-dd7c-45c7-8efd-98ab39c9629f(en-us,Expression.10).bmp

Update pages attached to your Dynamic Web Template.

Show Template Region Labels button Cc295212.60820597-b65e-482f-b92c-fa1bb466cfc4(en-us,Expression.10).jpg

Show or hide labels on each region.

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