Use Select menu commands

Use commands on the Select menu to select objects in your document window.

To select all unlocked objects

  • On the Select menu, click All (or press CTRL+A).

    Note that guides, locked objects, and objects on locked layers are not selected.

To deselect all selected objects

  • On the Select menu, click Deselect (or press CTRL+SHIFT+A).

    If you want to deselect all the selected objects and select all the previously unselected items, use the Invert command. For example, if you have only the objects on the right side of your page selected when you select this command, those objects will become deselected and all the objects on the left side of the page will become selected. Of course, locked objects remain unselected.

To invert your current selection

  • On the Select menu, click Invert.

    If you have an object selected, you can select all similar objects (with the same stroke name, stroke color, fill, or font) using the Select By command.

To select objects with specific attributes

  1. On the Select menu, click Select By.

  2. Click one or more attributes for your selection criteria.

    For more information about how to use this command, see Select objects using shared attributes.

    If you select the clone of any path, you can select the original path (the master path) by using the Select Master command.

To select the master path

  • On the Select menu, click Select Master.

To select a slice and the contents of the slice

  1. Under Slice Layer in the Layers panel, make sure that the slice is visible Cc295202.3e342e41-0093-4150-afc9-309866723da0(en-us,Expression.30).png and unlocked Cc295202.b553394b-65c8-4b76-8526-5fdfe68fb2c4(en-us,Expression.30).png. Otherwise, you will not be able to select it. If a slice is hidden, click the Toggle Visibility Cc295202.a708a6c2-5a11-4137-b962-f33438ecf19a(en-us,Expression.30).png button. If the slice is locked, click the Toggle Lock Cc295202.bc1d5d9e-0048-4d04-8efe-c9b571f71a64(en-us,Expression.30).png button.

  2. Select a slice on the artboard or under Slice Layer in the Layers panel.

  3. On the Select menu, click Select Slice Contents.

    For more information about what you can do when a slice and its contents are selected, see Copy a slice to another program or Move, cut, or copy a slice.