Change a path's starting point

While open paths have obvious starting and ending points, closed paths also have a starting point (which is the same as its ending point). Microsoft Expression Design uses the starting point of a closed path to determine how a brush stroke fits on a path, for example.

To change the starting point on an existing path

  1. In the Toolbox, select the Start Point Cc295190.70033c68-f75d-4677-b90f-2b9fcb05645c(en-us,Expression.40).png tool.

  2. Click the anchor point you want to be the new starting point.

The original path's start point is in the upper-left corner; clicking the lower-right corner changes the look of the brush stroke


You can also use the Start Point tool on an open path. If you click the starting point or ending point of an open path, Expression Design just reverses the direction of the path. If you click any anchor point other than an ending or starting point, the path converts to a closed path, and that anchor point becomes the path's starting point.

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