Layout Tables task pane

The Layout Tables task pane provides the tools you need to create and modify layout tables. You can use the predefined layout tables that are available in the Layout Tables task pane to help you get a quick start on a web page. You can also create your own custom layout table by drawing tables and cells.

Layout Tables task pane

  1. Click the Draw Layout Table button Cc295187.65e1a9a9-0747-4874-8b3d-566748049567(en-us,Expression.10).gif or Draw Layout Cell button Cc295187.2218735b-4f3b-498f-b7a4-03a1324e80fa(en-us,Expression.10).gif to draw a layout table or cell by using the pointer.

  2. Properties of the selected layout table.

  3. Click Set Page Margins to open the Advanced tab of the Page Properties dialog box.

  4. Select a Table layout as an initial layout for your page, and then adjust the layout table and cells with the pointer.

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