Surface effects

Microsoft Expression Design offers nine different Surface live effects: Bas Relief, Chrome, Craquelure, Emboss, Glowing Edges, Mosaic, Plaster, Plastic Wrap, and Ripple. You can apply these effects to an object or text.

To open the Surface effects list

  1. At the bottom of the Effects section, click the Add Effect Cc295178.d5e94a0e-39f1-4fd7-b917-cb423f03ea03(en-us,Expression.40).png icon.

  2. Point to Surface, and click one of the live effects on the list.

The following effects are available from this list.

For reference, here are three original objects that have no effects applied: a bitmapped image, a rectangle with a gradient, and a text object

  • Bas Relief   Simulates a three-dimensional appearance of the object projecting slightly from the background. The parameters are Detail, Light position, Smoothness, Foreground color, and Background color.

  • Chrome   Makes the image appear as if it were created by using liquid metal. The two settings are Detail and Smoothness.

  • Craquelure   Simulates fine cracks in paint or enamel on the object. The three settings are Crack spacing, Crack depth, and Crack brightness.

  • Emboss   Creates a three-dimensional effect in which the object appears raised or lowered from the surface around it. The two settings are Relief and Light position. You can also create a similar appearance with the Bevel effect.

  • Glowing Edges   Creates a high-contrast appearance that highlights the edges inside an image. The three parameters are Edge width, Edge brightness, and Smoothness.

  • Mosaic   Provides the appearance of a patchwork of rough tiles pieced together to form the object. The three settings are Tile size, Grout width, and Lighten grout.

  • Plaster   Makes the selected object appear as if it were created by using thick wet plaster. The five settings that you can adjust are Image balance, Light position, Smoothness, Foreground color, and Background color.

  • Plastic Wrap   Simulates the appearance of the object being wrapped in thin, clear plastic film. The three settings are Highlight strength, Detail, and Smoothness.

  • Ripple   Makes a selected object appear as if you were viewing it through an agitated fluid, just like at the bottom of a river. The two settings are Ripple size and Ripple magnitude.


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