Create and export slices

Expression Studio 2.0

A new feature in Microsoft Expression Design lets you create and export stand-alone sections or slices of your artwork from anywhere in your document.


Each slice includes all objects, layers, and live effects. You can customize what appears in each slice by modifying the slice properties to hide parts of the slice.

Create a slice for export

To create a slice

  1. In the Toolbox, select the Slice Slice tool tool.

  2. Use the Slice tool to draw a rectangle around the area of your artwork that you want to export.

When you use the Slice tool, a preview of your slice appears in the Properties panel, in the Edit Slice category.

The Properties panel displaying a slice in the Edit Slice category


You can now prepare your slice for export by adjusting the properties of the slice. A preview of your slice is displayed in the Properties panel in the Edit Slice category.

To set the properties of the slice

  • In the Properties panel, in the Edit Slice category, do whichever of the following settings apply:

    • In the Slice Name text box, type a name for your slice.

    • In the Slice Contents list, expand all the layers to confirm that the slice contains the objects that you want to be visible. You can hide any object by clearing the checkbox next to the object name.

    • In the Format list, select the file format that you want to export. For this example, select BMP.

    • In the Mode list, select either 24 bits per pixel - RGB or Indexed color.

    • Select Transparency to make sure that the background is imported as transparent.

    • Select Antialias to produce a smoother outline.

When your slice has been created and prepared for export, you can export it. For this example, assume that you are exporting the slice to Microsoft Expression Blend.

To export a slice

  1. On the File menu, click Export (or press CTRL+E).

  2. In the Export dialog box, under Items to Export, select Slices. The slices you have created are displayed in the preview pane. (To change the way the slices are displayed, select an option from the list below the preview pane.)

  3. In the Location text box, browse for an export location.

  4. In the Export list, select whether to Export All, Export Selected Slice(s), or Save Settings and Close.

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