Arts and crafts effects

Microsoft Expression Design offers seven different Arts and Crafts live effects: Cutout, Note Paper, Patchwork, Poster Edges, Stained Glass, Stamp, and Torn Edges. You can apply these effects to an object or text.

To open the Arts and crafts list

  1. At the bottom of the Effects section, click the Add Effect Cc295166.d5e94a0e-39f1-4fd7-b917-cb423f03ea03(en-us,Expression.10).png icon.

  2. Point to Effects, and click one of the live effects on the list.

The following effects are available from this list.

For reference, here are three original objects that have no effects applied: a bitmapped image, a rectangle with a gradient, and a text object

  • Cutout   Creates an appearance of art paper cut out into small shapes and pieced together. The settings for this live effect are Number of levels, Edge simplicity, and Edge fidelity.

    Cc295166.289fd937-d9a2-4599-b1dc-fe8d03a61d18(en-us,Expression.10).jpg Cc295166.0551c182-8b5e-4740-ba96-400949653b75(en-us,Expression.10).png
  • Note Paper   Makes objects appear to be embossed in textured paper, as if on a letterpress printing press. The settings for this effect are Image balance, Graininess, Relief, Paper color, and Emboss color.

    Cc295166.ad4f9df1-4b44-4b93-a278-182b084f9db7(en-us,Expression.10).jpg Cc295166.1d49ff49-f74b-48f7-b9e4-c87fcf6df663(en-us,Expression.10).png
  • Patchwork   Creates a mosaic of square embossed tiles. The settings are Square size and Relief.

    Cc295166.7da99175-d745-4e43-899a-d00ebbb0f99a(en-us,Expression.10).jpg Cc295166.69435903-ca13-464d-85ff-04462dbee5b8(en-us,Expression.10).png
  • Poster Edges   Reduces the number of colors in an object ("posterizes" it) and increases the contrast around edges. The settings are Edge thickness, Edge intensity, and Posterization.

    Cc295166.1386c13c-b2a2-4b05-8bd0-6757ec907588(en-us,Expression.10).jpg Cc295166.1df61c76-99fa-4cda-af1e-18f66a5cd506(en-us,Expression.10).png
  • Stained Glass   Creates a simple mosaic effect as if the object were formed out of stained-glass pieces. The settings are Cell size, Border thickness, Light intensity, and Border color.

    Cc295166.89bf8b6b-f6a9-4b4a-ba1f-c1e254300fab(en-us,Expression.10).jpg Cc295166.b95dec77-14c7-4df3-b456-c30b79699974(en-us,Expression.10).png
  • Stamp   Creates an effect similar to a rubber stamp being pressed on paper. The settings are Light/Dark Balance, Smoothness, Foreground color, and Background color.

    Cc295166.ed6e2fcb-d9d6-41a8-b5dd-f9eac408b553(en-us,Expression.10).jpg Cc295166.f43c458f-d701-40d0-8d42-2fcd2362ceac(en-us,Expression.10).png
  • Torn Edges   Creates the appearance that the object was hand-torn out of colored paper. The settings are Image balance, Smoothness, Contrast, Foreground color, and Background color.

    Cc295166.dc59dc81-1d50-400a-8e41-dbf3c110720b(en-us,Expression.10).jpg Cc295166.5c034ef1-3a3c-45ac-9853-aa0377e0e239(en-us,Expression.10).png

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