Display options

The Display pane of the Options dialog box lets you control display details in Microsoft Expression Design.


Show selected object points    When you select an object, the anchor points along the path are typically visible. If you clear this option, you can still select objects, but the anchor points do not appear.

Show resize handles   When you select one or more objects in your document, you usually see handles for resizing and rotation around the selection. If you don't want to see those handles, clear this option.

Display transparency   Clear this option if you want all paths in the view area to be shown as if they were 100 percent opaque. For example, you might clear this option to see how your picture will look if exported to a format that does not support transparency.

Greek limit   When text appears at a very small size on-screen, Microsoft Expression Design can greek it (display it as a gray line instead of actual characters). This can speed up performance if you have a lot of text. The greek limit is the minimum pixel size below which text objects will become greeked. The default is 10 pixels, but you can change it to anywhere from 1 to 100 pixels. Greeking on-screen does not affect final output.

Show printable area   You can see an outline of the default printer's default page size (and printable area on that page) by selecting this option. This outline might be a different size than your document frame. Selecting this option or clearing it does not effect how your file prints, but it can give you a better idea of how the file will appear on a final printed page.

For more information about document size, see Document size.

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