Define stroke joints

For paths that contain sharp corners (such as triangles or rectangles), you can change the way the stroke affects each corner point by selecting from among three stroke joins.

To change a stroke joint

  1. Select one or more paths.

  2. On the Properties panel, in the Appearance category, click the Show advanced properties button Cc295094.d8b75fcd-4e19-43f5-9363-5b92809bb582(en-us,Expression.10).png.

  3. Under Stroke, from the Joint list, select one of the following options:

    • Miter join   Creates a sharp corner.

    • Round join   Creates a rounded corner.

    • Bevel join   Creates a beveled corner.

Stroke Joints: miter (left), round (center), and bevel (right)


Note that when a corner is too sharp (too small of an angle), the mitered point would extend too far from the path. In this case, Microsoft Expression Design automatically converts that corner to a bevel join.

These joints affect only the outside edge of any corner point. That is, the inside edge of the stroke at the corner point is always a sharp point. Stroke joints do not affect curved points on a path, but they work on any kind of stroke (basic strokes or brush strokes) and both Bezier and B-spline paths.

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