Create a bulleted or numbered list

This page applies to WPF projects only

You can create bulleted lists in Microsoft Expression Blend, for text that is contained in RichTextBox or TextBlock objects.

Caution noteCaution

The TextBlock control cannot contain a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) list. For this reason, Expression Blend converts list bullets in a TextBlock into glyphs. For the best experience, use a RichTextBox to contain a bulleted or numbered list.

To create a bulleted list

  1. In the Tools panel, click either Selection Cc295086.2ff91340-477e-4efa-a0f7-af20851e4daa(en-us,Expression.40).png or Direct Selection Cc295086.6dd6571f-c116-451d-8dd2-1f88b8406362(en-us,Expression.40).png.

  2. Right-click the RichTextBox or TextBlock object in which you want to create the list, and then click Edit Text or press F2 to enter text-editing mode.

  3. Drag your pointer to highlight the text that you want to format as a bulleted list, or click to insert the cursor where you want to start a bulleted list.

  4. Do one of the following:

    • In the Properties panel, under Text, on the List tab Cc295086.2ec98e2a-d121-4774-84dc-66b95d075ec7(en-us,Expression.40).png, select the type of Bullet Character that you want to apply, and then select an Indent at value to set the distance at which the text is indented from the bullet.

    • Press CTRL+SHIFT+L.

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