Dock or float a panel

You can set each panel in Microsoft Expression Blend either to float anywhere on the desktop or to be docked to a default location. The default location depends on whether you are in the Design workspace or the Animation workspace. For example, in the Animation workspace, the Interaction panel moves below the artboard, which provides more room to view the timeline.


If you are using dual monitors, you can drag a floating panel to one of the monitors to provide more workspace on the other monitor.

  • Click Dock Cc295076.8e80c7b9-741c-4ffe-9dc6-d2c9fdce1c29(en-us,Expression.10).png on the title bar of the floating panel that you want to dock. The panel instantly docks in its default location in the selected workspace.

  • Click Float Cc295076.3ab07d33-b8fb-4e17-9cf3-66d2206e26c1(en-us,Expression.10).png on the title bar of the panel that you want to make into a floating panel, and then drag the panel to a location where you want it.

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