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Welcome to Microsoft Expression Design 4. In this release, you will find improvements that make it easier to integrate Expression Design into your production workflow.

Importing Windows Metafile and Enhanced Metafile documents

You can import Windows Metafile (WMF), Enhanced Metafile (EMF), and Enhanced Metafile Plus (EMF+) files into your Expression Design project. WMF and EMF files are highly portable files that contain vector-based graphics content commonly created using the art and illustration tools in Microsoft Office applications such as Office Word and Office Visio. For example, Office Word uses the EMF format to create WordArt images, and the slides and charts created in Office PowerPoint use this format also. The metafile formats can store complex, rich image data in relatively small files.

You can import WMF, EMF, and EMF+ files into Expression Design in four different ways:

  • By using the Import commands.

  • By opening the WMF or EMF file directly.

  • By dragging the file into Expression Design using Windows Explorer.

  • By copying and pasting from another document.

For more information, see Import vector artwork.

Saving your workspaces

You can arrange your workspace layout to suit your project and then save the workspace to use later. You can save any number of workspaces to accommodate the variety of projects that you work on, or the variety of working scenarios that you may work in, such as using multiple monitors or smaller monitors.

For more information, see Saving different views of your workspace.

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