What's new

Welcome to Microsoft Expression Design 3. In this release you will find improvements that make it easier to integrate Expression Design into your production workflow.

You can now import an Adobe Photoshop file (PSD) into Expression Design in three different ways:

  • By using the Import commands.

  • By opening the PSD file directly.

  • By dragging the file into Expression Design using Windows Explorer.

You can import Photoshop files as single layers, groups, or Photoshop layers.

Expression Design now provides flexible workspace management and full docking support for all panels.

Silverlight 3 support

You can create and export artwork for use with Microsoft Silverlight 3 applications.

Exporting Silverlight and WPF Effects

If you use DropShadow or Guassian Blur effect in your Expression Design artwork, these will now be exported as Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight 3 compatible Effects.

Community Additions