Photographic effects

Microsoft Expression Design offers six different Photographic live effects: Diffuse Glow, FilmGrain, Grain, HalftoneScreen, NeonGlow, and Photocopy. You can apply these effects to an object or text.

To open the Photographic Effects list

  1. At the bottom of the Effects section, click the Add Effect Cc295050.d5e94a0e-39f1-4fd7-b917-cb423f03ea03(en-us,Expression.30).png icon.

  2. Point to Photographic effects and click one of the live effects on the list.

The following effects are available from this list.

For reference, here are three original objects that have no effects applied: a bitmapped image, a rectangle with a gradient, and a text object

  • Diffuse Glow   Diffuses the reflected light in your picture, creating a subtle glow effect. The four settings are Graininess, Glow amount, Clear amount, and Glow color.

  • Film Grain   Adds noise to your objects in a clumpy pattern similar to film grain. The three settings are Grain, Highlightarea, and Highlight intensity. The higher the Highlight intensity setting, the more highlights are affected.

  • Grain   Adds noise to your objects using a pattern (a grain type). The settings are Graininess, Grain type, Contrast, Foreground color, and Background color. You can achieve wildly different effects depending on which grain type you select. The following are two examples of grain types (Sprinkles and Horizontal).

  • Halftone Screen   Simulates the effect of a printed halftone screen. You can control the effect with five settings: Size (the coarseness of the screen), the Screen Type (line, dot, or circle), Contrast, Foreground color, and Background color.

  • Neon Glow   Creates a glow effect that is similar to a neon light. The five settings are Glow Size (smaller is usually more effective), Glow brightness (how intense the glow color appears), Foreground color, Background color, and Glow color.

  • Photocopy   Creates the appearance of the object being photocopied on an old and worn-out black-and-white photocopy machine. The settings are Detail, Darkness, Foreground color, and Background color. Photocopy has little to no effect on vector artwork or images with very flat colors.