Create custom annotation fields

Expression Studio 2.0

Microsoft Expression Media supports up to 16 custom annotation fields. These fields are useful for creating additional metadata associated with a specific project, client, storage location, or other category of information.

Once defined, you can use custom annotation fields and metadata fields in various sorting and searching tasks in Expression Media, such as the Info panel's Annotations data entry fields, the Annotation Organizer of the Catalog Fields index, the Sort toolbar menu (on the toolbar), the View Options dialog box displayed in List view, Thumbnail view, and Media view, and fields to be searched using the Find dialog box.

When you move images between catalogs, custom fields are automatically adjusted between the catalogs. If two catalogs contain more than 16 unique custom fields, the first 16 fields will be retained alphabetically.

To add or remove custom fields

  1. On the Edit menu, click Custom Fields.

  2. Type a name in the Field Name box.

  3. Click Add. If these custom fields are necessary for all your catalogs, click the Save as Default button in the lower-left corner. These custom fields will appear in new catalogs.

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