Properties panel

A path by itself is only an abstract geometrical description. To make a path visible, you have to fill it, stroke it, or apply some effect to it. You can control a path's fill, stroke, and effects in the Properties panel. When you have text selected, you can change its font, size, and so on.

The Properties panel consists of several sections, most notably the Appearance category. When you select a path or shape, the Appearance category displays the current fill and stroke settings for that object and lets you change each of these attributes. For more information about a particular feature in this panel, click the link next to the feature in the following list.

The Appearance category of the Properties panel


The Appearance category also lets you create custom colors and custom gradients.

In the Properties panel, you can hide or show the Appearance category by clicking the triangular Show/Hide button Cc295045.e633a862-b406-4c42-b18e-d39fd8d2c4b6(en-us,Expression.10).png to the left of the category's name. You can also click the Expand button Cc295045.d8b75fcd-4e19-43f5-9363-5b92809bb582(en-us,Expression.10).png at the bottom of the category to view more options. These options include Blend Mode, Fill Rules, and Stroke options (including dashes).

The Properties panel expands to include other categories, depending on the type of object you have selected. For example, when you select an object made with the Polygon tool, the Properties panel displays the Edit Polygon category. When you select a text object, the Text category appears.

The Properties panel always displays the Effects category. For more information, see Apply live effects.