Add margins to a picture

You set the margin and padding of any side of a picture by dragging in Design view or by specifying a numeric value.

To add margins to a picture by dragging

  1. In Design view, in the web page, select the picture.

  2. Do one or more of the following.

    • To set a margin, drag the pink margin handle or edge on the side you want.

    • To set padding, press and hold SHIFT, and then drag the blue padding line handle or edge on the side you want.

For more information, see Set margins, padding, and dimensions in Design view.

To add margins to a picture by specifying a numeric value

  1. In your web page, do one of the following.

    • In Design view only, double-click the picture.

    • Click the picture you want to set, and then on the Format menu, click Properties.

    • Right-click the picture, and, in Design view, click Picture Properties, or in Code view click Tag Properties.

  2. In the Picture Properties dialog box, on the Appearance tab, in the Horizontal margin box and Vertical margin boxes, specify a value in pixels.

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