Copy and paste objects

The Clipboard is useful for moving and copying objects from one location to another in your document, from one document to another, or even between Microsoft Expression Design and another graphics application.

To move an object to the Clipboard

  • Select one or more objects you want to add to the Clipboard, and use one of the following methods:

    • To copy the object, on the Edit menu, click Copy, or press CTRL+C.

    • To cut the object (and remove it from your page), on the Edit menu, click Cut, or press CTRL+X.

    • To copy a XAML representation, on the Edit menu, click Copy XAML, or press CTRL+SHIFT+C.

      This action can be helpful when you try to copy a path or object into a XAML-editing program, or into a larger XAML project.


If you plan to paste your object into a XAML-aware application (such as Microsoft Expression Blend), in the Options dialog box, in the Clipboard (XAML) panel, determine the format of the XAML code.

When you have one or more objects on the Clipboard, you can decide how you want to paste them into an application.

To paste an object from the Clipboard

  • On the Edit menu, click one of the following options:

    • Paste, or press CTRL+V. The content of the Clipboard is pasted into the center of the view area (whatever part of the document is currently in the middle of the screen), on the current layer, at the top of the object stack.

    • Paste in Front, or press CTRL+F. The object is pasted at the same position in the document as the original object, at the top of the object stack on the current layer. However, if you select an object before selecting this feature, the content of the Clipboard is positioned one step in front of that object in the stacking order.

    • Paste in Back, or press CTRL+B. The content is pasted at the bottom of the object stack or immediately behind a selected object.

    • Paste with Layers, or press CTRL+ALT+L. The objects are pasted on their original layers. If the current document has no layers, Expression Design creates them.

    • Paste Special. If the object was copied from another application (such as Microsoft Office PowerPoint), you can specify whether the image should be pasted as a .gif or .jpeg file.

Note that if you paste XAML code into Expression Design, it appears as text, and not as a graphic object.

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