Find and replace

You can use the Find feature in XAML view to locate a specific string in your XAML file.


You can also use the Find feature when editing a .js file in the JavaScript editor in a Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 project.

For more information about XAML and WPF, see the XAML Overview on MSDN or visit the Windows Vista Developer Center. For the syntax of individual controls, see Control Library in the Windows Presentation Foundation section on MSDN, or search for XAML elements and attributes in the Class Library reference on MSDN.

  • With XAML view selected in Microsoft Expression Blend, click one of the following on the Edit menu:

    • Find   To locate a specific word, string, or item in the XAML and to customize your search.

    • Find Next   To find the next instance of a word, string, or item in the XAML. You can also press F3 to find the next instance.

    • Replace   To find a specific word, string, or item in the XAML and replace it with another word, string, or item.


    We recommend that you have previous experience working with XAML before you begin to edit your Expression Blend projects in XAML view. Editing XAML directly may result in parsing errors in your application that you will have to fix before Expression Blend can correctly display your documents on the artboard in Design view. With this caution in mind, working between Design view and XAML view can be an effective method for learning the basics of XAML.


    You can make your search case-sensitive by selecting Match case in the Find or Replace dialog boxes, and you can also search up or down through the XAML file when you use Find.