View the Slide Show

Expression Studio 2.0

You can run the Slide Show at any time. If you want to vary the playback as it runs, you can do so when you are in Slide Show mode.


To use the Run Slide Show command, you must first install QuickTime.

To run a slide show

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Click the Run Slide Show button Cc294960.e2f15904-b7f3-438d-8ca1-7b31f7ecd8da(en-us,Expression.10).png on the toolbar.

    • On the Make menu, click Run Slide Show.

    • On the Make menu, click Slide Show Options and then, in the Slide Show Options dialog box, click Run Slide Show.

  2. To exit the Slide Show, press the ESC key or double-click a Slide Show image. You can also click the Exit Slide Show button Cc294960.5be6b17d-8dfe-48be-a695-a92f216a275c(en-us,Expression.10).png on the Slide Show controller.

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