Asset Library

The Asset Library lists all the controls that you can draw on the artboard. The most commonly used controls appear in the Toolbox, but the Asset Library lists all controls that are supported in your Microsoft Expression Blend 2 project.

  • When working on a Windows Presentation Foundation-based application, the Asset Library lists all available WPF controls, control styles that are contained in any resource dictionaries, local styles, custom controls, and media files that you have added to your project.

  • When working on a Microsoft Silverlight 1.0-based application, the Asset Library lists all available system controls, and any media files that you have added to your project.

You can open the Asset Library by clicking the Asset Library Cc294939.0224cabd-5da1-4e01-bddd-4a647401a098(en-us,Expression.10).png button at the bottom of the Toolbox.

The Asset Library while working on a WPF-based application, with the Controls tab selected


Search to filter the list of assets


Select to show all available assets


Switch between the Gallery view and the Details view of assets


Toggle between system controls (WPF) and the control styles that are listed in any existing resource dictionaries (such as the Simple Styles resource dictionary)


Tabbed categories for assets


Set the selected item (System Controls or Simple Styles) as the default asset provider for the Asset Library. For example, if you make Simple Styles the default asset provider, then, when you select Button from the Toolbox, you will draw a SimpleButton on the artboard.

When working on a Silverlight 1.0 project, only the System Controls, Media, and Recent tabs are available. Custom JavaScript classes are added to your project programmatically.

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