Organize your media according to keywords

Expression Studio 2.0

If you have a large collection of files to which you've added keyword entries, you may want to organize your view so that you can see certain groups of media files that either share a set of keyword entries or that all have the same keyword entries. For example, you may have many images of birds to which you added keyword entries that identify certain colors in the birds. You also may have images of fish that have entries in the Keyword category that identifies colors. In this scenario, you may want to view only images of the two groups that have a "green," "yellow," or "blue" keyword, or you may want to view only the images that only have both the keywords "green" and "blue." Using the Union and Intersection options in the People, Keywords, Categories, Scene, and Subject Code categories, you can accomplish these specific groupings.

To organize your media files according to keywords

  1. In the Organize panel, in the Catalog Fields section, expand the Catalog Sets, People, Keywords, Categories, Scene, or Subject Code category. Each of these categories displays an icon depicting two intersecting circles Cc294929.622e2b9c-432e-4ce9-867e-06d65d224b74(en-us,Expression.10).png.

  2. On the same line as the keyword, locate the number that represents the number of files in your catalog that have that keyword. Hold CTRL and click on the number for each keyword that you want to isolate. For example, if you want to isolate images that have the keyword "blue" and "yellow," hold CTRL and click on both of those.

  3. Click the arrow in the keyword field and, in the menu, do one of the following:

    • To display any media files that have any of the keyword entries that you selected, click Union of Selected [category name].

    • To display media files that have all of the keyword entries that you selected, click Intersection of Selected [category name].

  4. To return to the regular view, click the green circle next to the each of the entry numbers that you selected.

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